Kimbrook Plaza

We completed phase one of a two phase project the summer of 2017.  Re-habitat worked on an exterior rebrand project of this shopping plaza which included new signage, landscaping, and paint scheme to make the Center feel brand new.  Phase two will include custom column wraps which further enhance the existing structure.  We love it when we can design and install these cost effective strategies that allow Owners to appeal to new tenants without a huge cost and time expense.


Albany Tru by Hilton and Homewood Suites

re-habitat LLC is proud to consult to Hotel Devco LLC on this exciting capital district project!  We performed interior design direction and interior focused project management services on this project located adjacent to Crossgates Mall. Working closely with Pyramid Management Group, Hilton, and FRCH Architects & Interior Designers (Cleveland, OH) to hone the design to be a unique property to the Hilton Brand that the Owners will be proud of for years to come.  This project opened in October 2018.

Working on a dual brand property was a unique and fun challenge for re-habitat.  The major design challenge was to marry dual branded spaces that cater to very different clienteles and seamlessly lead from one brand to another on property.  Working with FRCH Architects and Designers, we were able to create a unique series of shared spaces on property where the design leant itself to both brands.

Tru + Homewood Suites Dual Brand Metal and Laminate check in desk.

Seneca Savings Home Office-Part One

Phase One of Seneca Savings focused on the interior design of one typical office space and the employee break room.  The employee break room is now a modernized, bright, and communally focused space that allows for large group and smaller group breakout functions.  The new office serves as the template for the offices to be completed in Phase Two (now in design development).  This office, and all future offices, focus on employee health and well-being.  Finishes installed in the space have low VOC content, all lights are dimmable and controlled directly by the employee, and sit/stand desks were installed to allow employees a greater range of motion throughout their day.




Haffenden House

One of our few residential projects, Haffenden House was a kitchen and floor project in the Syracuse University Area.  Home to two professors, we created a clean-lined, modern design kitchen for the pair to create some amazing pizzas in.  This kitchen has a place for everything and allows for the couple’s hiking finds to become the beauty within this elegant backdrop.  The scope of work included new flooring throughout the first level, new cabinets and counters, lighting, and an updated space plan to allow more mingling during the couple’s dinner parties.

The exterior space will serve as Phase Two for this project and is under construction now.

The Dietz Lantern Factory

Now Open! The historic Dietz Lantern Company factory building was converted into high-end residential and commercial office spaces.

Re-habitat served as the interior designer for this project and helped the owner with management needs, as requested. Given extensive experience as a Tenant Coordinator, re-habitat also laid out commercial tenant spaces and met with tenants at the owner’s request to acquaint them with the building.  This was an exciting project which was actively involved with the New York State Historic Preservation Office.  Every attention to detail what paid in preserving the historic components of this site.  All the while, apartments are full of modernized amenities.




Destiny USA LEED Certification

As the former Sustainability Coordinator for Destiny USA, we were hired on as a sustainability consultant for the shopping center to assess additional LEED Certifications. In 2016, the US Green Building Council officially updated their LEED Rating System from LEED v2009 to LEED v4. Re-habitat and their consultants were pleased to provide a feasibility study to the Center for both a new Campus Project, and ongoing LEED Certifications for tenants located within the building’s expansion.

Destiny USA Canyon Photo
On-site photography courtesy of Destiny USA Realty, LLC

Embassy Suites by Hilton Syracuse

Re-habitat is performing interior design comment and interior focused project management services to the Embassy Suites, Destiny USA. Working closely with Pyramid Management Group, Embassy Suites/Hilton, and MCS Architects (Houston, TX) to hone the design to be a unique property to the Hilton Brand that the Owners will be proud of for years to come. Working with the MCS, the design meets the exemplary Hilton Brand Standards and will be a fantastic location to both vacation or rest up while on business.

Once design was established, re-habitat worked with construction management group Hueber Breuer during the construction process of the Brand’s Model Room. Ongoing tasks include working with the procurement company tracking FFE and OSE purchases and deliveries until the time of the Hotel’s opening later in the Summer of 2017

Interior design images by Revette Studios, 2017.

Crossgates Mall


Crossgates Mall has been an evolving project from 2013 through 2016.  From 2013-2015 this work was completed while Lauren was employed by Pyramid.  She has since been hired on for small redesign projects at this center since starting re-habitat.

Site work has included three years of enhancement projects, and two years of development projects which include a big box redevelopment and a mall expansion.  Our involvement in the series of enhancement projects was to hire the architect, negotiate the contract, and guide design including a new paint scheme, new tile pattern, entrance design, and soft seating/interior landscaping. We procured all materials and responded to RFI’s during the construction process.

The big box redevelopment project started in 2011 and lead to subsequent big-box developments and pad sites. The project was initially slated to follow the DestinyUSA model of creating a LEED Core & Shell project that also utilized NYSERDA New Construction incentives. Following the economic downturn in 2013 the project was resurrected. We followed the design principals that carried over from my enhancement project and directed the design process. Additionally, we were the Tenant Coordinator for the Lord & Taylor space within the project boundary. We worked hand in hand with Lord & Taylor’s staff and design team to coordinate their store design and construction progress through the store’s opening.

Also completed while an employee of Pyramid Management Group, was the expansion of the Center’s main entrance to create additional entertainment space. We were hands-on in the design and construction process with the on-site construction management team, coordinated the design and product buy-out for the expansion.

Re-habitat was later hired on in 2016 to help redesign the entrance and common area for a potential new tenant that would be joining the Center.

Crossgates Mall Escalator and Main Run
On-site photography courtesy of Pyramid Management Group. 

Walden Galleria

Walden Galleria was the original Pyramid Management Group Enhancement Project. Following a major two building expansion in the early 2000’s, the balance of the shopping center was in need of an interior and exterior redesign in 2010. We were responsible for sending out the Requests for Proposals for the architectural portion of the project.

Our role was to lead the design initiative across both the interior and exterior upgrades of the center working closely with the architectural team. Project work included redesign of the natural stone tile floor, restroom upgrades, lighting upgrades, interior paint schemes, soft seating areas, and exterior entrances. While managing this project, we also served as the Tenant Coordinator for the Custom Starbucks Kiosk at Center Court.

Walden Galleria Main Run Interior
On-site photography courtesy of Pyramid Management Group. 

Manassas Mall

Manassas Mall is Pyramid’s first shopping center in the state of Virginia. As a Pyramid employee, we were brought onto the project to determine scopes of work that would appeal to tenants to help the failing Center become a major player in Manassas once again. Like other enhancement projects completed in 2014, we developed the scope list and associated estimates, procured the architect, directed design, helped to bid the project and procured material, all while managing the project from a distance.

The Manassas Mall Target Expansion is a secondary development project at Manassas Mall that realigned an existing portion of the Center into a former Target Box which was then expanded and used for entertainment spaces.

We started work on the project as the design lead for both areas of the site and later transitioned to project manager.

Manassas Food Court
On-site photography courtesy of Pyramid Management Group.  

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