E57 Lisa on Working Better

It has been some time since Lisa and I talked, and this chat with Lisa and Lauren reminded me that she is fascinating, inspiring, and focused. Oh, and knowledgeable! The impetus for speaking with her on Subject2Change is her new book “Work Better, Save the Planet” (check it out), where she talks about all we have learned in the last few years about equity, comfort, access, and performance related to work. – How can we be our full selves if we stay closeted at work? – When we make the workplace more “home-like”, whose home do we mean? – What is the carbon impact of commuting, let alone the stress and time impacts? – What is the responsibility of designers in our carbon future, and how can we make up for all the sins of the past? Just a few light thoughts for your day, and delivered in a hopeful, clear, and empowering way. We have the ability to make these changes and, by working better, save our planet. Watch and listen to learn more. You really need to meet Lisa; She is incredible.

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