E59 Diane and Toxic Avoidance

We constantly discover amazing, wandering, wonderful journeys of life when we talk with our guests. Diane Ferguson is no exception. Our time with her is split up unto two video edits, one focusing on her experiences as a Nurse, Maternity Nurse, and Nurse Professor. In this career-journey she discovered. the painful truths about toxins in breast-milk and began teaching people about toxins in products and materials. The second video shares her excitement about building her own straw-bale home, and how this journey is truly a way to build community and build a forever-home that will support her health in mind, body, and spirit. Each is full of information about how oblivious we have been regarding the use of toxic ingredients in cleaning and personal products, foods, the medical profession, and building materials. And in each, Diane shares her joy in learning, sharing, and doing. And this is what makes any journey beautiful and connective. Below are resources Diane has shared with us. Copy them into your browser to delve deeper. Check out in particular her workshop site, and Sigi’s site to learn more about straw-bale construction with hands-on sessions!

E58 Laura and Olivia Rose and the SEBS

It is in the small, attentive, and respectful changes that we make in our lives, within our communities, that we can find hope. And this chat with Laura and Olivia gave us so very much hope for our connection to Nature, our future as caring people, and our capability to effect systemic change for our beneficial future. All of this from a desire to be part of the solution and the impact of three wild butterflies. And care. And a willingness to learn. And a desire to do better. Join us in a conversation with Olivia and her mom, Laura. Together with Olivia’s younger sister, and a host of interested visitors, awarded grants, and an interest in pollinators, history, and interdependence, they are changing Albany, NY for the better. Albany now has a Pollinator Day and a Nature Bus that brings people to places where they can connect once again with Nature, for free. It is becoming a “Pollinator Friendly” city! And where we have pollinators, we have life! Care to celebrate life? Learn about Monarchs in all their stages: egg, larvae, caterpillar, chrysalis, and butterfly. Find out how far they travel, and how to support their journey. Most of all, realize the changes we need to make to support our healthy future come in small steps that impact little creatures of our world in big ways. And anyone can make a strat at change in the space they have. Below are some links mentioned in our interview. Copy them into your browser to learn more! And come visiting the South End Butterfly Sanctuary in Albany, NY!

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