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Welcome to re-habitat my work and verb for the design philosophy in rustbelt/post-industrial cities and towns.  To “re-habitat” is to reengineer or renovate existing buildings so that they preserve local character and history, while also promoting economic development, community, and ecological sustainability.  This isn’t a new philosophy by any stretch—for decades architects and preservation societies have been impressing upon the public the importance of saving buildings for all of the reasons noted above.

I spent the majority of my Masters work in Construction Management and Green Building concerned with global warming and the impact it will have on our Nation’s coastal region’s economic, societal, and ecological health.  The basis of my thesis researched embodied energy of building materials and considered keeping existing construction materials in “play” through deconstruction and reuse of these materials elsewhere in the country.  The basis of this research has stayed with me through my professional career and is now being applied as “re-habitat” the company.  This company is my own approach to engraining sustainability into our everyday lives whereby existing buildings are restored and made healthy for their inhabitants and creating the basis for a healthy community.

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